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6 More Specialty Products at Our Florida Pharmacy

natural deodorant
December 12, 2023

Here at our Florida pharmacy, we aim to provide a wide selection of high-quality products to our customers, which is why we couldn’t fit all of our specialty products into one blog! Although we have already covered some of the specialty products at our Florida pharmacy, today we are going to take a look at even more of the products we offer:

1. American Provenance Natural Deodorant

Since we regularly put deodorant on our skin, why not make sure that the products we are using contain only the best and most natural ingredients? That is the philosophy behind American Provenance Natural Deodorant, which contains all-natural ingredients and is handcrafted right here in the USA. Allow your skin to be free of harsh chemicals and additives when you pick up this product here at our Florida pharmacy.

2. ZUM Products

hand soap

Another of the product lines we carry at our Florida pharmacy, ZUM products such as bar soaps, body lotions, and home products offer fantastic natural alternatives to many of the big-name brands that you may commonly see sold in stores. These products are crafted with plant-based ingredients and scented with unique essential oils blends for natural, effective, and great-smelling results!

3. Florida Salt Scrubs

Here at our Florida pharmacy, we offer some products that are made right here in our nearby communities! For instance, you can pick up Florida Salt Scrubs, which contain natural ingredients such as sea salt, coconut oil, and more. Another perk of these products is that they are completely vegan and they don’t stain your clothes!

4. Fog Block

fog protection spray for glasses

If you wear glasses and frequently experience the problem of your glasses fogging up, fog block is another of the specialty products we offer that may be a good option for you. Fog block is a simple spray that can be applied to your glasses and works to prevent fogging, allowing you to stop having to wipe your glasses off throughout the day. Try it today when you stop by our Florida pharmacy!

5. Tea Pops

For all tea lovers, we carry tea pops — an innovative way to consume this popular and healthy drink. Tea pops contain everything you need for a delicious cup of tea, all you need to do is dissolve one into a cup of hot or cold water, allowing you to enjoy a perfect blend each and every time! Plus, this product makes preparing a cup of tea virtually effortless, saving you time and allowing you to conveniently enjoy a cup of tea.

6. Petnc Natural Care

pet products

We all want to provide the best care for our pets, which is why another of the specialty products we offer here at our Florida pharmacy is the Petnc Natural Care line of products. These include a variety of supplements for your pet that are flavored and chewable, making it easy to ensure that your pet is getting the nutrients they need.

Now that you know about even more of the specialty products that we offer here at our Florida pharmacy, you may find yourself wanting to stop by so that you can pick up some of these great products today! Find information on our Florida pharmacy location or get in touch with our team to take advantage of all that we have to offer here at The Palms Pharmacy.

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