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6 Specialty Products at Our Florida Pharmacy

October 12, 2023

While you might already know that The Palms Pharmacy provides a variety of health services, you may not be aware that we also offer a fantastic selection of specialty products here at our Florida pharmacy. That’s right! From natural supplements to handmade soaps and more, we have plenty of specialty products that you’re sure to love. Here are some of the specialty products you can purchase here at our Florida pharmacy:

1. Mason Natural Vitamins and Supplements

Mason Natural

If you are looking to support your body’s needs with various vitamins and supplements, Mason Natural provides a great selection of choices. With over 300 vitamins and supplements, they are one of the best choices for quality vitamins and supplements with ingredients you can trust. That’s why we carry a selection of Mason Natural products right here at our Florida pharmacy!

2. Joan’s a keeper

Built around the legacy of the company’s founder, Joan, this all-natural product line features soaps, creams, lotions, and more. If you are looking to give your skin the very best, Joan’s a keeper products are a great choice!

3. Simply Gum

simply gum

Did you know that many types of gum use plastics as their base? Not Simply Gum! This natural alternative to many other types of chewing gum uses a naturally chewy tree sap as its base. Simply Gum prioritizes natural and high-quality ingredients, which is why we carry a selection of their products here at our Florida pharmacy. They even have tasty snacks like chocolate date bars!

4. A Bee’s Place Honey

For high-quality honey that supports the preservation of bees right here in Florida, A Bee’s Place honey is an amazing choice! We carry this specialty product here at our Florida pharmacy not only because the honey is natural and local, but because A Bee’s Place works to save and preserve bees here in Florida as a vital part of our ecosystem. For honey that tastes great and makes you feel great about supporting your local environment, you can’t choose better than A Bee’s Place honey!

5. Ortho Molecular Products


Another great option for vitamins and supplements, Ortho Molecular products are among the specialty products we are proud to offer here at our Florida pharmacy. From wellness packs designed to boost your wellbeing to specific nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and more, Ortho Molecular products provide essential support for your body with ingredients you can trust.

6. Wash Ashore Soaps

If you are looking for great soap products that are created with only the best ingredients, Wash Ashore soaps are a great choice that we offer here at our Florida pharmacy. Handmade on Cape Cod, these soaps are not only sensitive on the skin, but are also beautiful to look at! That’s why they are another of the specialty products we offer here at our Florida pharmacy.

As you can see, we have lots of incredible specialty products available here at our Florida pharmacy. Plus, there are even more great products that didn’t even make it onto this list! Come visit us today and get some of these high-quality products for yourself!

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