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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

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November 13, 2023

Cold and flu season is here once again, and with it, a wave of coughing, sneezing, and lots of tissues. But you don’t have to fall victim to germs when you practice these important habits to stay healthy during cold and flu season. Here are some of the best tips to avoid getting sick:

1. Get Your Flu and COVID Vaccines

One of the best ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season is to stay up to date on both your flu and COVID vaccines. These vaccines are updated regularly in order to account for different strains of the respective viruses, which is why it is important to get the latest vaccination at the correct time. If you have questions about vaccinations, you can always ask our team here at The Palms Pharmacy!

2. Wash Your Hand Regularly

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Another of the best ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season is to wash your hands often, especially when out and about in public. Surfaces are among the primary methods of public transmission of cold and flu germs, so be mindful of what you are touching and try to practice frequent hand washing. Remember to wash for at least 20 seconds!

3. Avoid Touching Your Face

Your hands won’t always be freshly washed, which is why it is also a good idea to avoid touching your face whenever possible. Germs can gain access to your body several different ways when you touch them against your face, such as through the eyes, nose, and mouth. When you do need to touch your face, always make sure to wash your hands first!

4. Take a Daily Multivitamin

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Your body works hard to keep you healthy, so why not make sure that it has enough of the key vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best? This can be accomplished by taking a daily multivitamin, which has all the fundamental vitamins and minerals that you need to optimize your immune health. If you are looking for somewhere to get your daily multivitamins, you can come check out our selection of products here at The Palms Pharmacy!

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Although it is often overlooked, getting plenty of sleep is another great way to stay healthy during cold and flu season. When you get proper rest, your immune system is able to function at its best, protecting you from germs you encounter. However, when you do not get enough sleep, it can leave you more vulnerable to illnesses like colds and the flu. Experts recommend getting at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night for optimal wellbeing.

When you follow these suggestions to stay healthy during cold and flu season, you will be giving your body the best possible chance to repel germs and keep you going strong! If you haven’t already, schedule an appointment to get up to date on your flu and COVID vaccines now and give your body the tools it needs to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

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