What is compression therapy?

Medical compression therapy applies a type of elastic device on limbs or other body parts to exert a controlled pressure on them. Thereby, the device squeezes the vein walls together and improves the circulatory rate. Medical compression also helps with reduction of edema and recreates conditions beneficial for the healing of chronic inflammatory disorders.

We offer compression stocking fittings with an appointment!

Sigvaris Well Being Sheer Fashion

She’s wearing the “incredibly sheer” SIGVARIS WELL BEING SHEER FASHION (available in 15-20mmHg and 7 shades)

Sigvaris Compression - A must for travel

Pre-flight checklist:

✅ Toothpaste & toothbrush
✅ Phone charger
✅ Pair of compression socks & hosiery

Sigvaris compression socks are a non-negotiable garment for frequent flyers. The gentle compression helps reduce the swelling and other uncomfortable sensations experienced when having to sit for long periods of time.